A former high school classmate and cherished old friend when reconnecting with Roger through Facebook quoted the old saying: "When God closes a door, he opens a window." The years have seen a number of life changes for us that make that adage ring true. After being blessed with good fortune, a wonderful son and great experiences, we decided to look out that window and prepare for more of what this wonderful life has to offer. We hope through our blog to share our journey from this point forward with family, with friends and with many others. Hopefully we'll make some new friends along the way. We hope you find our tales of some interest, even amusement and perhaps an inspiration for you to treat each and every day as an opportunity and an adventure to share with those who are an important part of your life.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Settling in at Home in Cuenca!

The past two evenings, the night view from our eighth floor rental apartment has included some spectacular fireworks. Not sure of the reason but they reflect more "pinch me, I'm not dreaming, I really am retired and living here in Ecuador" moments. Roger will be taking a cooking class tomorrow, there's a free Mozart concert on Wednesday and a bottle of wine is sure to figure in the week's itinerary somewhere. We are thankful and blessed to be fulfilling our dream!

We are also estatic that we were able to execute a sale agreement on a house. If everything falls into place as expected, we will be into our new home in Ecuador no later than mid March. In the midst of all this, our 12-IX visa was registered in Quito and our application for permanent residency has been accepted and assigned a case number.

The Yazells seem to have landed...maybe that's the reason for all the fireworks here! In any case, we are joyous that we will soon have a new home base to continue our adventures "juntos en el camino de la vida".

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